Microsoft summed up the results of the second fiscal quarter (October-December 2020), noting growth in many indicators. The gaming division of the company was particularly successful — its revenue exceeded $5 billion for the first time.

Basic figures:

  • The total revenue of the More Personal Computing business segment, responsible for Windows, Surface and games, amounted to $15.1 billion. This is 13% more than last year. According to the company’s calculations, games have become a key driver of growth;
  • The gaming division’s revenues for the past quarter turned out to be a record for the company. For the first time in their history, they managed to overcome the $5 billion milestone, jumping by 51 at once%;
  • console hardware sales have grown well. Revenue from hardware has grown by an impressive 86%. We need to thank the launch of a new generation of consoles for such a result. By the way, Microsoft has already called the release of the Xbox Series X|S the most successful of all time;
  • revenue from Xbox content and services increased by 40%. This was due to the popularity of the Game Pass subscription, the company’s own games and third-party studio games;
  • the number of Game Pass subscribers today is 18 million people. Just four months ago, 15 million gamers signed up for the service.