German developers will be able to receive non-refundable grants from the government, which will cover up to 50% of the cost of producing new games. Both the authors of prototypes and AAA projects will be able to get help.The foundation was first announced in June last year, but then the maximum grant amount was only 200 thousand euros.

After yesterday’s launch of Gamescom 2020, information about the launch of the updated program was confirmed by Minister Andreas Scheuer.

  • German companies will be able to apply for grants from September 28;to receive financing, the company must be located in Germany or have a registered business in the country;
  • According to Felix Falk, director of the Association of Representatives of the German Gaming Industry, such an initiative will help the country become a competitive player in the international market;
  • The conditions for obtaining a grant depend on the type of project, and the amount of financial assistance (minimum 25% and maximum 50%) is directly related to the cost of development.

  • prototypes are ready to compensate 50% of the development cost. The budget of such projects should be in the range of €30-400 thousand;projects with a budget from €100 thousand to €2 million will be able to receive a grant of up to 50% of the budget;
  • games with a budget from €2 to 8 million — in the range from 25% to 50%;
  • projects worth over €8 million — maximum 25%;
  • if the budget of the game exceeds € 40 million, the amount of the grant will be determined on an individual basis.
  • It will depend on many factors — from cultural value to innovation.”If [this program] is successful, we will soon be able to see a lot of innovations and new games made in Germany,” Falk notes.

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