Three Kingdoms Tactics, published by the Chinese company Alibaba, has become one of the highest-grossing iOS games of this year. In three months, she earned $194.8 million. Its total revenue for the entire period of operation amounted to more than a billion dollars. According to Sensor Tower, the game is now available in only eight countries.

But this did not prevent the game from taking fifth place in the list of the highest-grossing games for iOS and becoming the highest-grossing 4X strategy in the App Store in the world (for this year).

Key dataMost of the title’s revenue comes from China.

  • Since its release in 2019, Three Kingdoms Tactics has earned $1.1 billion there, which is 96.2% of global revenue.Taiwan (1.5%) and Hong Kong (1%) occupy the second and third places in terms of player spending.
  • Sensor Tower notes that 98.2% of all revenue is accounted for by App Stor.
  • Worldwide, Three Kingdoms Tactics earned only $21 million on Google Play (while Sensor Tower does not take into account data from third-party Android stores in China).
  • The highest-grossing games in the global App Store (from January 1 to March 30, 2021)

Three Kingdoms Tactics has become the most popular game released by Alibaba.

For comparison, the revenue of the company’s other successful projects — Three Kingdoms Fantasy Land and One Piece: Burning Will — reached $161.6 million and $117 million, respectively, during the entire period of operation.

According to analysts, the success of Alibaba’s game once again proves China’s growing influence on the global video game market — the publishers of four of the five highest-grossing titles of 2021 for iOS are companies from China.