A large video game outsourcing firm Virtuos has received $15 million in investments. The company will direct financing for business development. Virtuos participated in the work on Horizon Zero Dawn, L. A. Noir and other large-scale projects.

The money in Virtous was invested by the venture company 3D Capital Partners, formed by the French investment holding Enthéos and the Hong Kong company Leitmotiv Private Equity.

The management of Virtous has already announced the transfer of the company’s headquarters from Shanghai to Singapore.

According to Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtous, the relocation of the head office to one of the largest technology and financial centers in Asia will expand the research and marketing divisions.

Langurier clarified that Virtuos intends to double its business in the next three years. Currently, the company includes 7 studios, and the total number of employees exceeds 1.5 thousand people.

Gilles Langurier founded Virtuos in 2004. The company provides human resources to game studios and is engaged in porting titles to new platforms.

According to the Virtuos website, 18 of the 20 largest game studios in the world resort to the company’s services.

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Source: Venture Beat