Microsoft has published a report for the third fiscal quarter (ended March 31). The company is seeing growth in all directions. The period was particularly successful for the gaming industry: its revenue exceeded $ 3.5 billion, and console sales jumped by 232%.Key data for the quarter

The company’s total revenue for the third quarter was $41.7 billion (an increase of 19% year—on-year), and net profit was $15.5 billion (an increase of 44% year-on-year).

  • Microsoft’s gaming revenue amounted to $3.53 billion, an increase of 50% year-on-year.
  • This is the best result for the third quarter in the company’s history.Analyst Daniel Ahmad notes that the revenue of the gaming direction for 12 months amounted to approximately $ 15 billion — 45.6% more in annual terms.
  • The main drivers of growth were the launch of new consoles and the appearance of ZeniMax product sales in the reports, whose revenues are now also taken into account.Comparison of Microsoft’s quarterly gaming revenue with the same period last year

Quarterly revenue from Xbox content and services amounted to about $2.89 billion — an increase of 34% year-on-year.

  • This was influenced by games from third-party developers, the growth of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions and revenue from internal studio projects.Revenues from the sale of consoles amounted to about $635 million — a 232% increase in annual terms.
  • The main growth driver was the launch of the Xbox Series X|S.