PC games, which used to dominate in these countries, began to give way to mobile, according to Niko Partners. Over the past two years, mobile games revenue has grown by $135 million, and PC games – by $35 million.

In 2017-2019, the mobile games market in Malaysia and Singapore began to grow rapidly, and with it increased revenues. In Malaysia, mobile has grown by $ 100 million, and in Singapore during the same time – by $ 35 million.

But the revenues of PC games cannot boast the same rapidity. They continue to grow, but much more slowly, and over the same period increased by only $ 40 million. So, in Malaysia, PC games brought an additional $ 35 million and $5 million in Singapore.

Niko Partners associates the incident with the popularity of mobile esports.

Top 10 Grossing mobile Games in MalaysiaTop 10 Grossing Mobile Games in Singapore

According to him, in Singapore, four of the five highest-grossing mobile games in 2019 were esports.

And the game that earned the most money in both countries also belongs to this genre. We are talking about MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, developed by the Chinese studio Moontoon. In 2019, she collected $20.9 million in Malaysia and $12.5 million in Singapore.

The volume of the markets themselves is not reported in the Niko Partners report.

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