On March 19, the analytical company SensorTower announced that consumer spending on the mobile version of Fortnite for the first four days amounted to $ 1.5 million. Most of the amount was spent on the game in the first 72 hours.

How reliable are the numbers?

This assessment is partly confirmed by another analytical service — DataMagic. According to his data, during the period from the release of March 15 to March 18, the project developers earned $ 1.5 million on it.

Game earnings data from DataMagic
But there is a nuance: if SensorTower reports on consumer spending, then DataMagic talks about the revenue received by developers after Apple took 30%.

That is, the expenses could be even more.

Fortnite – the most successful battle royale in mobile

According to SensorTower, the current launch is currently the most successful launch of a mobile game in the “Battle Royale” genre. Earnings of similar projects from the Chinese NetEase in the first four days were significantly less.

Comparison of earnings of games in the first four days from SensorTower
However, things may change soon.

On March 19, Tencent began launching PUBG Mobile outside of China, where the game was released back in February. But, judging by the App Annie information, mobile PUBG does not earn money at all yet.

Fortnite is one of the highest–grossing mobile releases of recent times

SensorTower also notes that Fortnite as a whole is one of the most successful mobile game releases over the past two years. Despite the fact that the monetization of the game is based on “cosmetics”, its earnings are comparable to similar indicators of Pokémon GO and Clash Royale, which earned $4.9 million and $4.6 million on iOS in the first four days, respectively.

Fortnite sells content that changes the appearance, but does not affect the game characteristics

The game achieved these metrics with closed access (you can get into the game only by invitation) and no support for devices released before 2015 (Fortnite does not work on either iPhone 6 or iPad Mini 3).

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