The story of constant sales and purchases on the mobile market continues. Next up is a slightly confusing story with the analytical company Upsight, which sold the advertising network PlayHaven.


The background is as follows: almost a year ago, Kontagent (you can read more about working with it on Go Practice), specializing in the development of its own analytics systems, merged with the marketing PlayHaven, which had a whole package of solutions (the main ones were the SDK for creating cross-promotion grids and targeted push). The combined company acquired the relatively sonorous name Upsight this spring. The purpose of the merger was to create a universal marketing service for developers and publishers of mobile games. 

The new company inherited from PlayHaven, among other things, an advertising grid of the same name, which was perfectly included in the existing system, but was not so interesting to buyers interested in a wide selection of grids. 

Moreover, after Facebook cut off Kontagent’s access to its own data (the official reason for the breakup of the relationship – the latter kept them longer than it should), Upsight entered into an agreement with Adjust, who still had this access. So now he can even advise developers which grids are better to go to,” our colleagues from GamesBeat write.

Under the circumstances, PlayHaven Ad Network was, to put it mildly, superfluous. Moreover, it led to a conflict of interest. Against this background, his sale of an extra asset to the marketing company Science Inc., which “creates, invests, buys and expands successful digital businesses,” is a very logical step. 

It is unknown how much a grid with 12 employees and a base of 1.5 billion devices was bought for.

Source: http://venturebeat.comUpsight – previously independent companies Kontagent and Playhaven.

Kontagent is one of the largest analytical and marketing tools. Playhaven is a service for monetization, acquisition and user engagement.