Games don’t have the most expensive long-term users. Traffic for travel applications, on average, turns out to be more expensive.


This conclusion was reached by Verto Analytics analysts, who calculated the average price of an American mobile user remaining in the application for 30 days after its installation.

If you have to pay about $ 5.3 for a long-term player on mobile platforms, then a user of a tourist program will cost $ 5.6, and a utility will cost as much as $5.7.


The cost of a long-term user in the United States by application category (combined by App Store and Google Play)
Verto Analytics considers the average retention price of a long-term user to be a key metric of product success.

This approach to the interpretation of success is explained by the fact that the higher the purchase price of a long-term user, the smaller the amount of profit for the developer or publisher of the application.

Surprisingly, on iOS it is significantly – by 30% – less. If on Android, on average, you have to pay $ 5.7 for a long-term user, then its price on iOS will be $ 4.12. But the type of device affects the price less significantly.


The cost of a long-term user in the United States by platform and device type
Verto Analytics also found that Google Play users in the US visit the app store more often than iOS users, but their average session is twice as short as that of App Store customers.

On average, a session on Google Play lasts 1.1 minutes, and a session on the App Store lasts 2.6 minutes.

Verto Analytics believes that this may be one of the reasons why the App Store, despite its smaller reach, earns twice as much as the Google Play app store.

The company’s analysts do not explain their conclusion, but perhaps they mean that the App Store allows you to choose an application better than Google Play.

A source: Verto Analytics