The Kiip mobile advertising network has announced the launch of a new product – Kiip Rewarded Video. It has two key points: a high VTR and a high price.


Before we dwell on the novelty, let’s remind you how Kiip differs from the somn of other advertising grids. 

The fact is that the service, launched in 2010 by then nineteen-year-old Brian Wong and Co., is focused on displaying advertising at times when the player gets satisfaction from working with the game / application. 

For example, a player passes a level or reaches a record result, and at this moment, when he is in a good mood, when he is literally jumping for joy, an advertisement is shown to him. In this scenario, the probability of clicking on an ad is much higher than on a regular banner. In addition, advertisers can stimulate clicks by giving the user a particular product: a chocolate bar, a bottle of soda, and so on.

Kiip Rewarded Video works in approximately the same scenario. How it works is clearly demonstrated in the video below: the user plays a game about zombies, after he was shown how many points he scored, a video advertisement for the new season of The Walking Dead is launched. Under the video, the user is informed how much in-game currency he will pour for if he watches the video to the end.

The VTR (an indicator of subjective attractiveness, which is calculated using a formula that is not the most obvious – dividing views by impressions and multiplying by 100%) of a similar model for commercials lasting 15-30 seconds is 77%. The CPM of developers using this model is $30, although, according to Kiip, it is about $8 in the market. 

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Kiip is a company that sells mobile advertising. Founded in 2010 in San Francisco by three friends: Brian Wong, Courtney Guertin and Amadeus Demarzi. Almost immediately raised $15.4 million of investments. At the moment, the platform is supported by more than 1,100 applications installed on 75 million devices.