Google is preparing to release new advertising formats for mobile devices and tools for creating ads.


The company announced that it will release several new mobile advertising options over the coming months.

Let’s briefly list them.

Engagement Ad

Translates the advertiser’s materials into HTML5 format and automatically adjusts them to any display size. The customer pays only if the potential buyer clicked on the link.

TrueView Ad Launches a small video right “inside” the application; if desired, the user can skip it.

This format has already proven itself in AdMob gaming applications. The advantage of TrueView is that the advertiser pays only for views, that is, if the user has not turned off the video.

Anchor Ad”Anchor” advertising, as the name implies, fixes a link to the customer’s website at the bottom of the display.

When scrolling the page, the link remains in place until the user disables it.

Magazine Style Text Ad This format has already been used on mobile sites.

The offer in it occupies the entire display and, according to the developers, resembles a page with an advertisement in a glossy magazine. Text ads from Google Display Network will be automatically translated to this format.

Untitled drawing (85)

On the left is the “anchor” advertisement. On the right Magazine Style Text Ad Google will also release a set of tools for creating ads.

They will help to automatically change the advertiser’s materials for any screen size or convert the offer from Flash to HTML5 if necessary. However, the second option will be available to the advertiser only if he works with Google Display Network or DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

The company has promised to add 29 HTML5 and in-app formats to DoubleClick Studio Layouts. According to the developers, this will simplify the process of creating advertising.

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