A new player has appeared in the game project financing market — FM.digital company. She is ready to allocate up to $ 500,000 to developers of mobile games and applications for promotion at the expense of future revenue and not take a share in the business at the same time.

About this in a conversation with App2Top.ru representatives of the company told. They also covered in detail exactly how the procedure, which is called “revenue-based financing” (revenue-based financing), works.

  1. The game developer leaves a request on the FM.digital platform.
  2. FM.digital requests access to analytics, application cabinets and advertising. This is necessary to analyze the game (whether it can “recapture” them when receiving funds).
  3. Then the developer receives an offer for a certain amount. We are talking about a fork in the amount of $ 50 thousand to $ 500 thousand.
  4. The amount agreed by both parties goes to the platform to which the developer has connected his advertising cabinets. He can immediately start spending it on promotion.
  5. It is necessary to return the money monthly in the form of % from the revenue that is specified in the offer.

FM.digital says that cooperation is not limited exclusively to financing. The company will help improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by providing its own technologies and consolidated traffic procurement.

To submit an application, a developer must meet two key requirements:

  • spend more than $50 thousand per month on advertising;
  • conduct operational activities for more than 6 months.

FM.digital was created by the founders of the advertising business Aitarget Ilya Lagutin and Nikita Rvachev. At the first stage, the company will allocate $ 5 million, which will be used to invest in game teams. If the business model is confirmed, the amount of funding will expand.

$50-500 thousand will be enough to strengthen the marketing budget of small developers, attract new paying users and revenue growth. And these improvements, in turn, will help the company attract venture capital investments due to good business growth and the value of the company,” said Rvachev.