Facebook Instagram will no longer advertise Microsoft products. The corporation has frozen advertising expenses in these services.

This was reported by the Axios portal, referring to the data of the Microsoft corporate service. The information was also posted by Bloomberg.

Instagram Facebook and Facebook banners were no longer ordered by Microsoft in the USA in May. The new rejection of advertising publications affects all regions. According to information on Microsoft’s internal portal, expenses were frozen for at least a month. More precise timing “depends on positive actions” by Facebook itself.

This is a big loss for the social network, because Microsoft is its third most important advertiser, as Pathmatics data shows.

Now the corporation is worried that its banners may be placed next to “unacceptable content”. Microsoft refers to such publications that incite hatred, contain pornography and terrorist slogans.

Facebook, according to a number of companies, moderates such content poorly and even earns money from its advertising. In this regard, sites such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Ford, HP are boycotting the social network.

Microsoft has not officially joined the boycott and does not criticize Facebook’s policy. Nevertheless, her move is designed to put pressure on the social network.

But the rejection of advertising does not mean that Microsoft broke off the relationship. It still redirects streamers from the Mixer platform, which it closed last week, to the Facebook Gaming platform.

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