One of the most high-profile topics of last week was the appearance of the playerWON platform. Its goal is to embed commercials in console and PC games. However, Electronic Arts rejected reports of signing an agreement with the new site. The publisher is not going to introduce such advertising into its games yet.This was announced by an EA representative in an official comment to PC Gamer.

“In light of the incorrect reports that we want to introduce TV-style advertising into our games, we wanted to make it clear that we are not currently considering introducing in-game advertising into console titles. We have not signed any agreements. Our priority is to create a better gaming experience for users,” the statement reads.

The appearance of playerWON last week was reported by Axios. The creator of the platform was Simulmedia, whose vice president Dave Madden also spoke about the principles of the new advertising platform.

It was he who said that Electronic Arts and Hi-Rez studio, owned by Tencent, have already signed agreements with playerWON. However, due to a new comment from EA, it is unclear whether the companies were actually negotiating and at what stage they were.

The news about the appearance of playerWON caused a resonance in the gaming community. Many users and individual developers have criticized the very idea of introducing paid advertising into console and PC games, which is common in mobile. At the same time, Simulmedia has not yet clarified whether its platform will work only in free-duplex projects or also in premium AAA titles.