In the mobile advertising market, big brands have a small problem. The fact is that today it has become the norm to pay for advertising to users. There is no need to go far for examples. In the Subway Surfers already mentioned today, the user is offered a soft currency for watching the video (although a completely ridiculous amount).


As you know, a slightly different scenario often works. The user for bonuses or currency in his favorite game must download another project / perform any actions in it. 

There are other scenarios when the user is offered, for example, to resurrect a recently deceased character for viewing. In Rovio’s Retry, the gameplay was also largely based on watching videos. He gave coins that were spent on saving at key points. 

It is clear that all these scenarios work fine when it comes to promoting applications, but clearly not within the framework of advertising non-digital products, such as dishwashing detergents or cookies. 

The CEO of the advertising company Beachfront Media Frank Sinton (Frank Sinton) recently just said this to our colleagues from GamesBeat. And, he says, “brands don’t want motivated advertising.” 

Ten years ago, motivated advertising was online, and advertisers didn’t want to do anything with it. They didn’t want to understand that they were paying people to watch it,” Sinton said. 

For this reason, a new solution from Beachfront Media, they say, solves this problem. The guys just offer to show videos, without giving anything in return. Realizing that such advertising can cause rejection, they emphasize that the process of showing the video itself should be brought to the ideal: instant loading, loading of the video that is suitable for the moment (so that there is no such thing that the gameplay requires a vertical position of the screen, and the video is shown in horizontal), and also targeting.

Will such an attitude help to shoot , the new product of Beachfront Media, the main feature of which is the absence of cached video ads (it is loaded in real time) is a big question. 

We, in turn, see that big brands have much more interesting ways to advertise their products, for example, branding game content.

What do you think? 

A source: http://venturebeat.comBeachfront Media is a company specializing in video advertising on the Internet, on TV and mobile platforms.