The App Annie analytical service has a new free toolkit that allows you to track how often and where exactly a game or application was promoted in the Apple and Google mobile markets.


The new functionality officially appeared on November 18. It is called Featured. You can find it by logging into the profile of any app in App Annie.

Featured has two bookmarks.

The first is Feature History. This function outputs data on the feature for a certain time. With its help, you can see when, in which regions and sections the game was promoted. It also displays what share a particular feature occupied in the overall promotion of a particular application by the store.

For example, from the graph below, you can understand that the game Titan Brawl from the Spanish studio Omnidrone in Russia was promoted in the App Store from November 9 to 17. 67% of the features were on collections, 23% on a large banner, and 10% on a small banner.


Feature History in App Annie
You can also see in which other regions and on which devices the game was featured, what proportion of the feature fell on which region, and so on.

The visibility of the feature — how effective it is — can also be seen in Feature History, but only in the commercial version of App Annie.

The second tab is Daily Features. It informs about the types of features for a particular day.

For example, Titan Brawl was promoted on November 10 in the Russian App Store for iPhone in more than 40 locations. Where exactly and what type of feature was used and demonstrates Daily Features.


Daily Features in App Annie
In total, App Annie identifies six types of promotion in the App Store and Google Play.

App Top Banner is a large banner at the top of each page promoting one app.


Collection Top Banner — a large banner at the top of each page promoting a collection of apps.


Collection List — a list of promoted apps without a banner (selection), for example, “New apps” or “Games we love”.


App Banner — small banners promoting a specific application.


Collection Banner — small banners promoting collections of applications.


Collection Video is a list of promoted apps with their trailers.


In App Annie, it was possible to track the place, time and type of promotion before, but it was less convenient.