Following the previous news: as part of the massive cuts, Zynga is going to close the studio of OMGPOP, the developer of the acclaimed mobile game Draw Something. 

Recall that a year ago, Zynga paid $ 180 million for OMGPOP, just when the popularity of its Crocodile game exceeded several tens of millions of users. But after the purchase, the situation changed. Downloads and sales declined. As a result, in October it became known that Pinkus’ company lost at least $95 million on the purchase of OMGPOP. 

The scenario was repeated with the sequel of the game, about the dynamics of sales and downloads of which we recently wrote. The indicators of Draw Something 2 turned out to be lower than predicted, and the rate of decline is even higher than that of the first release of the game. This, apparently, was the main reason for the closure of the studio.