Round tables are different. It all depends on the participants and the topic. On the other, you can fall asleep, on the other, you don’t have time to mark important moments for yourself. We are sure that you will not be bored at the round table battle.

What is a round table battle?

It’s very simple. Smart people who adhere to two diametrically different positions on a certain topic gather together and begin to argue with each other, rolling up their sleeves, but without resorting to physical abuse.

The whole thing is watched by the audience, which decides who is right.

What’s all this about? At the White Nights conference, which is only a few days away, such a round table will be held on the very first day. Rovio, Yandex and Wargaming will try to prove that big companies have more chances to succeed, and ZeptoLab, Playmous and ProstoGames will stand up for small but proud companies.

Do you want to know how the brawl will end? Then you are here.