Will Clash of Clans advertising in Puzzle & Dragons help, what should you test your Android apps on in Russia, why do you need a children’s category of apps in the App Store? Read about this and much more in our traditional digest.


Last week began with the appearance of photos of a mysterious Logitech iPhone controller on the web. Although we were more interested in the top of the most popular Android devices in Russia from Opera. It turned out that our compatriots prefer, mainly, two brands – Samsung and Sony.

Last Monday, the release date of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie also unexpectedly appeared on the network. So far, however, unofficial – October of this year. Recall that nothing is known about the details of the new version of the platform yet, except for its mouth-watering name. 


The main plot is, of course, sad data from the App Promo. The company said that almost 70% of developers have earned $1,000 or less on their application since the release. And these people still have a positive outlook on the future and, as a rule, are not going to invest in advertising.

Another important story is the announcement of a separate children’s category in the App Store. Whether developers need it at all, Dmitry Zhelnin, the owner of the domestic studio 65gb, told us.


Wednesday’s main news is the Japanese translation of Clash of Clans. Whether it led to a box office growth, we will talk separately, but that’s what the advertising company of the Puzzle & Dragons game will lead to, Nikita Lyubimov, a representative of the Japanese company WillArk in Russia, told us.

Another important news is the growth of the investment base in Skillz, a platform that allows you to integrate PvP games for real money. 


Last Thursday was very hot in terms of news and good stuff. 

Firstly, there was information about King’s plans to enter the IPO. We can only guess at what indicators the company will be able to achieve on the stock market.

Secondly, Tapjoy shared interesting figures. It turns out that the company helped its clients earn $200 million in three years.

Kabam company admitted that its game Fast and Furious 6 managed to score 17 in a month (!!!) million downloads. We are still in shock. 

We also had an interview with the Finnish guys from Skyrocks Games, who released a cool project Gloomy Hollow last Thursday. 

And, yes, to the best of our modest efforts, we covered the event Free Your Play 2013, organized by Supercell. 


The central Friday material is a story by Mark Robinson, one of the founders of GamesAnalytics about how to properly integrate analytics into your application. Also don’t miss the news about the latest Chartboost service. 

Photo: Yane Naumoski