Tapjoy, a company providing services in the field of monetization and distribution of applications, has published indicators of its business network over the past few years of its existence. So, for the period from 2010 to 2012, developers earned more than $200 million using Tapjoy.

Meanwhile, high revenue went to not just a couple of successful companies: along with 35 publishers who received more than $500,000 through Tapjoy in 2012 alone, another 18 companies earned at least $1 million each.

Tapjoy also shared the indicators of 50 mobile app developers who achieved the best results using Tapjoy monetization methods.

The geography of the leaders is as follows: 29 of them are in the USA, 9 in Asia, 6 in Canada and the remaining 5 in Europe.

Moreover, seven of the top fifty development companies are one year or several months old, and 12 of them have been on the market for a dozen years (or longer). The latter earned a total of $30 million with the help of an advertising platform.

The company also noted that it earned about $5 million for studios with 20 or fewer employees.

Sources: blog.tapjoy.com through pocketgamer.biz