Already this year, the company’s projects that were previously released on Xbox and PC may appear on the App Store and Google Play. The first swallow will be the mobile Age of Empires.

Last night, hot news appeared on the network: Microsoft is transferring its most famous big titles to mobile competitors’ platforms. As it turned out a little later, Reuters made a little mistake.

Microsoft representatives said that the only game that the software giant is going to release for iOS and Android will be the Age of Empires freeplay. First, the game will appear on iOS and Android. The release on Windows Phone will take place later.

We can only guess what Microsoft is thinking, whose mobile platform currently needs exclusives and bright projects. It seems that the gaming and mobile divisions pursue two completely different goals.

The mobile department is struggling to attract third-party developers, while the gaming department, without looking back at Windows Phone 8, is striving to increase its presence in the mobile gaming market.

The Japanese KLab is working on the mobile version of Age of Empires.

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