Today, Facebook announced the release of a completely redesigned new version of the SDK 3.0 for iOS, including support for iOS 6 and iOS Dev Center (the new Development Center for iOS), which stores documentation and links to resources for developers.

The new features of the iOS development kit should simplify the creation of mobile applications. Among the most significant introductions, we note: improved session management efficiency, improved support for functions for Objective C and support for Facebook’s own application programming interfaces (APIs).

Recently, the company also introduced a new development center – iOS Dev Center, offering a lot of materials for new developers. Facebook includes all the Reference Docs that are necessary for coding, Getting Started guide for creating an iOS app with Facebook integration, and a lot of other materials explaining all the issues of Facebook integration into applications. Moreover, iOS Dev Center includes step-by-step guides like Login with Facebook for iOS, Feed Dialog for iOS, Link to Your Native App and Share an App ID in Multiple Apps.

Integration with Facebook has become one of the main features of the new iOS 6. Do not forget that the mobile version has been considered Facebook’s weak point for quite some time; now the social network has received impressive support from Apple.