The Chartboost advertising platform has a major update: the company has announced a revolutionary change Direct Deal, seriously expanding marketing opportunities.

Let’s start with a small remark. 

One of the main Chartboost services is called Direct Deals. It consists in the fact that developers can directly sell advertising places to each other (and without paying any share to the holder of the advertising platform) (we wrote in detail about the types of promotion here). 

The use of direct sales, according to the Chartboost, allowed a 32% increase in CTR and an 86% increase in the number of installations, compared to network-wide advertising campaigns (network campaigns).

But there was a problem: a certain level of traffic was needed to access the direct sales market. So it turned out that Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans projects exchanged traffic among themselves. The rest, in turn, “sucked the paw” with envy.

With the introduction of “groups” this problem is removed. Familiar developers will now be able to support each other. 

What does it look like?

Entering the Chartboost network, you form a group and send invitations to familiar companies (everything is easier than in Vkontakte), and then, if the guys from Supercell agree to join the group, you separately agree on the terms of the advertising campaign.

Well, has everyone already run away to install the SDK from Chartboost?

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