The first information has appeared about how and how much Apple is going to pay to parents whose children have shown miracles of ingenuity by spending the family budget on IAP.

The fact of the payment itself is the result of litigation with five parents from California. They filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2011, after their children had a good game of F2P projects.

In total, Apple has allocated about $100 million to reimburse payments.

Expenses not exceeding $30 will only be partially compensated: parents will receive an iTunes gift card for $5. The rest will receive an iTunes card for a period of 45 days in full amount of the lost amount. Those who no longer have an iTunes account will be able to receive the entire amount in cash.

Parents whose heirs ruined the family purse with games with age ratings of 4+, 9+, or 12+ can count on money, and only in the period up to May 2, 2013.

The system will only work for US citizens, as it is part of the settlement of a class action. Apple representatives note that they do not consider the accusations to be justified, and took this measure out of reluctance to enter into expensive litigation.

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