We continue (and in the new year), together with our industry colleagues, to summarize the results of 2013. This article contains an interview with Crystal Clear Soft.

The questions were answered by the director of the company, Mikhail Kharkov.

Mikhail Kharkov

What event/trend would you call the key event in the outgoing year in the mobile applications and games industry?

The rapid growth of the Asian market, which is now breaking all records. It has also already become clear that Free-2-play has won definitively and irrevocably.

What would you call the main event for your company this year?

There are quite a few such events.

  • Our company has outgrown the figure of one hundred employees, which we have not been able to cross for the last five years.
  • The release of our new HOG project Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence on Facebook and the App Store. As well as the release of several other large-scale RPG, Shooter and Puzzle genre projects.
  • At the very end of the year, we launched the Fairy Farm project on the Vkontakte social network platform and plan to develop it in all major social networks.

Mystery Revenge: Hidden Evidence 

Please name one or two games (not from your company) that you can call the best projects on mobile platforms based on the results of the outgoing year.

I really liked the Minion Rush runner, because it set a new bar for games of this genre. I think this is exactly what a project designed for the maximum audience should look like. Clash of Clans also showed the entire industry how to make money.

Thanks for the interview!