Homescapes developer continues to expand its portfolio of internal studios. Today it became known that the company Playrix bought the hiddenov developer Cateia Games from Croatia.

The Man with the Ivory Cane, premium hidden Cateia Games, which was released six months ago
The amount of the transaction is not specified.

As a result of the purchase of Cateia Games with a full staff of 40 people, it became part of the newly formed Playrix Croatia and moved to its new office in Zagreb. The team has already started working on a new, as yet unannounced mobile frituplein project.

For Playrix, this is the second public transaction for the current year. In March, the company announced the purchase of the Armenian studio Plexonic, known for the Panda Jam game. By the way, Playrix Croatia is the second European division of the gaming giant. Last December, the company acquired an asset in Serbia.

“It is a great honor for Cateia Games to become a part of the Playrix family,” said studio co—founder Dejan Radic. “We are one of the oldest studios in Croatia, so this is not only the beginning of a wonderful new era for the team, but also a great opportunity for the growth and prosperity of the entire local industry.”

Cateia Games primarily specialized in the development of hiddens. There are about a dozen similar premium projects in her portfolio (the last one was released quite recently, in September 2019). The company was also engaged in frituplein hiddens. For example, she participated in the development of Twin Moons, which is now operated by G5 Entertainment.

Curiously, in the official press release, Playrix emphasizes that Cateia Games is the developer of the culinary time manager Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion. The game was published by GameHouse three years ago, but did not gain fame or commercial success, unlike the already mentioned Twin Moons.

Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion
Perhaps Playrix is now interested in developing a named culinary casual direction, where MyTona has been very successful for the last two years.

Her Cooking Diary time manager now earns $6 million a month, thereby providing 2/3 of the company’s entire cash register, according to the AppMagic analytical service.

On the other hand, Playrix will also come in handy with the expertise of Cateia Games in fritupley hiddens. At the end of April, the casual giant released Manor Matters, which has a very high level of production, but at the same time earned a small $200 thousand for the company in May (in fairness, Wildscapes also earned “only” a few hundred thousand at the start, but now the monthly earnings of the project are approaching $ 3 million), and also faced criticism on the topic of high complexity from a small part of the audience.

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