Acquisitions continue to take place in the mobile market. One of the largest marketing companies — ironSourcebecame the owner of SOOMLA, an Israeli analytical startup.

The terms of the transaction are not disclosed. Most likely, SOOMLA cost a small amount. The company has been present on the market for 8 years, but has not achieved significant commercial success over the years of operation. Her team has 15 employees.

SOOMLA specializes in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. Its tools allow you to see eCPM for each impression, segment the audience by ad consumption and find out which creatives increase the outflow of users and which lead to a reduction in payments.

Despite the takeover, SOOMLA services will remain available to those developers who do not want to use ironSource services for mediation. But to what extent the previous decision will remain independent is an open question.

The detailed objectives of the transaction were not announced, however, Omar Kaplan, CFO of ironSource, noted that the acquisition of Soomla will allow his company, which has 800 employees, to share a new type of data with users.