If you run through Western sites, hoping to find something about iOS7, then now there is a buzz only about the not very successful reskin of the new Apple operating system. We decided to look a little deeper, and here’s what we found.

With the release of iOS7, it will be possible:

  1. Exchange of applications between developer accounts within iTunes Connect (so far, however, this applies only to applications without IAP)
  2. Full support for gaming gamepads (goodbye, portable consoles)
  3. Geotargeting in the App Store (new opportunities for advertising)

Artur Ostapenko on his Facebook page also highlighted the following functions available in the seven:

  • automatic application updates (will hit the pirates hard)
  • push buttons that activate any game function (up to the download of new content)
  • asynchronous data exchange
  • new achievements
  • Peer-to-Peer framework that allows you to arrange local multiplayer
  • tracking in space, somewhat reminiscent of the functionality of “My location” in Android
  • closing access to the MAC address of the device

As for the Game Center, as we wrote yesterday, it has changed significantly in appearance, but the functionality remains the same. Although, of course, the first acquaintance is a bit shocking. Instead of green, soft green cloth for the eyes, there are easily trembling colored soap bubbles. Beautiful, but very unusual.

Otherwise, everything is in its place: only Request was removed from the panel at the bottom, Turns instead. In general, it became clearer. Immediately now you can see the number of competitions, requests. Again, going to the friends page – you, first of all, see the most important thing: the number of his points, games and friends. 

The application page in the iTunes App Store has also changed slightly in structure. The main change, as we have already noted, is the rejection of Genius in favor of geolocation Near Me.

Photo: PocketGamer