Yesterday, on June 25, there was a closed presentation of the next most anticipated game of the year — Cyberpunk 2077. We tell you what CD Projekt RED showed and how the media reacted.

At the presentation, designed in the style of cyberpunk, journalists were given the first four hours of the game. CD Projekt itself previously stated that the title is completely ready and it remains only to clean out bugs from it.

Perhaps polishing the game turned out to be too time-consuming task, since the release of Cyberpunk 2077 has already been postponed twice. The new release date is November 19.

For now, the audience can be content with the new trailer:

As well as the announcement of the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners:

A ten-part anime is scheduled for 2022. He is engaged in the Japanese studio Trigger, who shot Kill la Kill. The rights to show the new show are for Netflix. It is known that the soundtrack to it is written by the composer of the Silent Hill series Akira Yamaoka (Akira Yamaoka).

But the most interesting were the journalists’ reviews of the first hours of Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED did not impose an embargo on them. We have collected reviews from several publications.

To sum up at once: the following media unanimously praise the thoughtfulness and variability of quests. This is one of the main features of the future game. However, the developers proved their ability to create truly high-quality “side effects” back in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Nothing less was expected from Cyberpunk 2077.


The publication compares the new brainchild of CD Projekt RED a lot with the latest “witcher” hit. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are much more events than in “Wild Hunt”; hand—to-hand combat is almost identical to the same mechanics from “Wild Hunt”, except for the avoidance that has become inconvenient; the main plot is shorter than in “Wild Hunt” (as the studio itself noted).

At the same time, the world of Night City is more lively, saturated and bright. The realization of this splendor on the console of the outgoing generation is questionable, the journalist notes. The studio says that high-quality PS4 and Xbox One versions are one of the highest priorities.

Special praise was given to the “deep and extensive” pumping system. It includes more than 200 perks that affect all aspects of the game — from the combat system to hacking and crafting.

In addition, the game has a system of “investigations”. It is more reminiscent of the reconstruction of crime scenes in Detroit: Become Human than the “witcher’s vision” in “Wild Hunt”. It also has a “refreshing effect” on the pace of the game.

PC Gamer

The author of the publication described in detail the journey through the open world of Cyberpunk 2077 and the variety of NPCs. The visual style of the game and the setting of story quests caused him delight, as well as the change of time of day and weather.

“I’m amazed to realize that everything I’ve seen (in 4 hours) is just one neighborhood (Night City). If the rest of the city is as layered and as densely filled with events, then I’m ready to spend most of my life on Cyberpunk 2077,” the reviewer shares.

The tone of the review shows that he did not have any significant complaints about the game. Moreover, unlike many journalists, he calls driving a car “very pleasant”.

Digital Foundry

The portal’s specialists evaluated the game from the technical side. In their opinion, it is difficult to find fault with the details of the world: they have never seen such an open world. Also, the game has a very high-quality motion capture, coupled with the elaboration of models.

There are a number of questions about the Cyberpunk 2077 graphics. In the presence of an “amazing motion blur”, a variety of light sources and realistic shadows, a stylish “pixel” shader, the game also has not too successful chromatic aberrations and problematic SSR/ SSAO. The latter can be corrected if you add ray tracing to the game.

In addition, a serious bug was noticed: during trips, unnecessary objects appear in front of the car. He was also noted by some publications.

The verdict of Digital Foundary: the game is impressive, but it really needs polishing.


“We played Cyberpunk 2077 and are a little worried” — this is the title of the review of the StopGame edition. Great skepticism (and a very unflattering characterization) from the author caused the open world of the game. It is huge and full of details, “on every street there is an open window or an entrance where you can climb/enter,” but nothing happens there. The world reacts poorly to the protagonist, in addition, it is impossible to take the side of one of the many factions.

The journalist is also convinced that there is no role-playing in Cyberpunk 2077, which is claimed as an RPG. It does not exist even if there are several backstories of the protagonist; reputation and customization that affect dialogues; many choices in plot and side missions.

“In Wild Hunt, you could behave differently in different situations,” the reviewer explains. — You could talk calmly or “bully”, try to negotiate or solve problems on the spot, but you have always been Geralt. It’s the same in Cyberpunk. You’re always scum here. All dialogues are written with a fairly small deviation from the basic line of behavior.”

In general, Cyberpunk 2077 left the author with the feeling of an old-school game in a neon wrapper. He is ready to forgive the roughness of the title for the opportunity to choose any fighting style within the framework of “hundreds of hours of plot, manually molded content.”

Gambling addiction

The issue of role-playing, raised by StopGame, worries the author of “Gambling Addiction”. “The developers claim that “V is you,” but I didn’t get that impression,” he writes, noting that the player decides for the hero, but does not control his character. In addition, there are much fewer possible answers in story quests than in side quests.

It also turned out that CD Projekt RED removed one of the six characteristics of the protagonist shown last year. But she introduced an approach to leveling skills, as in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The level of skills increases as they are actively used.

The journalist had quite mixed impressions about the shooting. In Cyberpunk 2077, weapons do not work as intuitively as, for example, in the latest Deus Ex.

Nevertheless, despite these and other flaws, the game is really “cool”, and traveling around Night City, comprehending its way of life, is “insanely interesting,” the author summed up.


“It seems that this time the studio has turned out not only a great story, but also an exciting action movie — Cyberpunk 2077 sometimes surprises with rapid firefights in which the situation can change in a split second,” writes DTF.

Speaking in more detail about the combat system, the author of the review praises the AI of opponents. They force the player to constantly act and change tactics, and not to sit in hiding.

At the same time, ranged combat turned out to be preferable to close combat. The latter “does not cause the same positive reaction”, because enemies react to blows unrealistically and not too responsive. (This was also noted in StopGame.)

But the journalist called driving the most disappointing side of the game. The transport controlled by the main character is poorly felt and controlled. CD Projekt RED has already promised to refine the mechanics in the remaining months.

The current version of Cyberpunk 2077 still has bugs. They were also noticed at a closed presentation. But, as the journalist summed up, their correction and refinement of some mechanics will make a significant contender for the title of “Game of the Year” from the title.

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