Warner Bros is developing its own digital distribution service. It is supposed to be possible to buy games and related “staff” through it.


Last month, the company “staked out” the rights to several trademarks under the general name WB Play. The description of the application says that these will be “retail online trading services” and that it will be possible to “download virtual goods” in them. It will also include “audio and video services”. Apparently, WB took a swing at creating their own analogue of Steam.

No official comments were received from the WB.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then the service, in our opinion, has two ways of development. The first is to become an addition to Steam (as happened with uPlay); in this case, WB Play will become just another online store. The second way is to start selling your games only through your own service, like Origin. In this scenario, WB Play will have to compete for a place in the sun.

Some media outlets, based on the description of the vacancy that WB opened some time ago (by the way, now this vacancy has disappeared without a trace), claim that the service will also work on mobile devices. 

A source: http://www.kitguru.netWarner Brothers is one of the largest concerns for the production of films and television series in the United States.

It has a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE), which publishes, produces, distributes, and licenses computer games for consoles and personal computers.