The authors who worked on the plots for the Lovestruck mobile game have been trying to get an increase in compensation for three weeks. As a result, the publisher, represented by Voltage Entertainment, made concessions and increased the salary of all remote screenwriters.”We would not have been able to achieve this if we had not acted collectively.

The video game industry is known for its high competition, and this is a great example of what can happen when we treat each other as friends,” said screenwriter AK Fedeau.

Voltage also commented on the situation on Twitter. According to the company, this situation affected not only employees, but also players. “At first, releases will occur less frequently, but we are confident that we will return to the practice of daily updates,” the publisher, which plans to implement the new rules, said in a statement.

A team of 21 Voltage authors went on strike in July, demanding better working conditions and more transparency from the employer. It turned out that the salary of remote writers working on Lovestruck was less than the market average.

In response to this, Voltage Entertainment stated that none of the screenwriters is a full-time employee of the company, and therefore the union of Voltage Organized Workers organized by them cannot be considered valid. However, after a three-week strike, the company made concessions.

Lovestruck is a visual novel released in 2017 and currently consists of 16 ongoing story arcs. The application is distributed free of charge, however, an additional fee is charged for access to some stories.

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