In a closed working Facebook group Minsk News, the founder and CEO of Wargaming, Viktor Kislyi, wrote an appeal to employees. In it, he states that the company has already started forming a plan for transporting employees to other countries in case of force majeure.

The appeal informs:

  • My management team and I are closely monitoring the situation. I have been in constant contact with our leaders in Minsk for the last few days. Thank you for your self-control and self-control. There is no place for panic in our ranks“;
  • Wargaming is a family. And once again I want you to know that we are always there to the best of our abilities and capabilities. The main value of the company has always been and remains people — and we will provide you with the necessary legal and financial support“;
  • Now a plan is being formed for the possible relocation of some employees and their family members to other countries in case of force majeure beyond the control of the company“;
  • We are working on the option of remote work at will: Kiev, St. Petersburg, Nicosia and other options.”

Here is the full text of the message:

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