The Unity Awards ceremony was held at the Unity Los Angeles conference. Awards were presented to the best Unity projects according to the authors of the engine and the Unity developer community.


The award for the Best Student Project (Best Student Project) was received by the action-adventure Pine from Twirlbound, based at the University of Applied Sciences Brede NHTV.

The popular Firewatch project from the indie studio Campo Santo was recognized as the best in terms of three-dimensional graphics (Best 3D Visuals).

The award for the best two-dimensional graphics (Best 2D Visuals) was received by the cute meditative platformer Seasons after Fall from Swing Swing Submarine.

The winner in the category best visual simulator (Best Vizsim) was given to the designer of automatic systems FACTORY I/O from Real Games.

The project for drawing in virtual reality Tilt Brush from Google was recognized as the leader among non-game programs (Best Non-game).

The ironic simulator of real work Job Simulator from Owlchemy Labs was named the best virtual reality game (Best VR Game).

But the award for the best experience in virtual reality (Best VR Experience) went to The Lab from Valve.

The best desktop/ console game (Best Desktop/Console Game) was named INSIDE by Playdead.

The next award in the Best Mobile Game category was received by Lara Croft GO from Square Enix Montreal.

The award for the best content from the Asset Store (Asset Store Award) was received by the procedural generator and level editor Dungeon Architect from Code Respawn.

The Gold Cup is gone again INSIDE from Playdead.

Source: Unity