Unity has launched an affiliate program to promote content in the Asset Store. For sales received from external links, commissions will be paid.


The Affiliate Program works as follows: the user sends an application to participate in the program as a partner. After obtaining permission, the user places the links he likes on the website or in a blog or social network. From the sales received from these links, he receives a 5% commission.

“Everyone wins: Asset Store publishers have advertising, Unity users have more opportunities to find something they need, and partners have a well—deserved fee,” it is stated on the official website of the program.

Participation in the Affiliate Program is free, the platform supports 25 languages and has its own control panel, through which partners will be able to track clicks, conversion, commission, sales and earnings from clicks by region and each asset.


For the first time, the program became known at the beginning of this year.

Source: Unity