All official academic educational institutions have been given the opportunity to use Unity for work and training of students for free.


In 2015, a grant program was launched, which began issuing free licenses to schools upon request. Edu licenses do not differ from the Pro version in functionality, but you cannot use the products created on them for commercial purposes.

Previously, the selection of applications was carried out within the framework of this program. During its work, about 77 thousand licenses were distributed, which more than 300 thousand students were able to get acquainted with.

Now Unity Technologies has decided not only to increase the number of educational institutions to which the engine will be issued, but also to simplify the process of obtaining educational licenses by them.

A free license for Unity is now eligible to receive:

  • state-accredited universities, colleges and volunteer centers that issue state-recognized degrees, diplomas or certificates;
  • state-accredited primary education institutions (even kindergartens);
  • educational consortia and ministries in which each division is a school;
  • hospitals belonging to an accredited educational institution, as well as scientific laboratories associated with an official educational institution or the Ministry of Education.

Courses, educational centers, churches, libraries, and healthcare systems that are not accredited by the state do not have the right to a free license.

You can read more about who is eligible to get a license and who is not here.

As for the process of obtaining a license, now it is enough to send a request here.

Recall that you cannot use a personal license in educational institutions. This is contrary to the license agreement for the use of the personal version. In addition, in Russia there is a certain procurement process by educational institutions, which includes tenders that require a certain set of documents.

Source: Unity