Today we are completing the cycle of results for 2021. One of the latest publications is from Sergey Trofimov, co—founder of Nordcurrent. He spoke about the company’s new releases and shared plans for the release of future products.

Sergey TrofimovHow did 2021 go for the company?

2021 was very eventful and positive for us. It started with the launch of Airplane Chefs. This is our fresh look at cooking games. Although Airplane Chefs is the spiritual heir of our hit Cooking Fever, however, it offers players completely new mechanics and a new setting.

Airplane Chefs
Then in May we released Pocket Styler, a competition in the fashion world for women.

 Pocket Styler is a new experience for us. We have not previously published PVP games aimed mainly at a female audience. The experience turned out to be very positive.

Pocket Styler
Today, both novelties are actively developing, gaining momentum.

In parallel with their releases, we continued to work on our current projects, released updates, added new chips. Well, as a result, we have grown quite well this year.

Yes, in 2021 we have completed the development of a master version of our new game, which will be released worldwide very soon, this January. It’s going to be a bomb!

We finished the year by including our old partnersRin Games, which are now called Nordcurrent Dnipro. It was a logical continuation of our relationship. Like a wedding after a civil marriage.

What event or trend of 2021 do you consider central within your niche?

I would single out 2 trends that have influenced and will continue to influence our industry in the foreseeable future:

1. The movement of Apple and Google towards a tougher view of user privacy, which in turn affects the advertising market, which in turn can affect the genres and settings of games being put into production. Roughly speaking, it is now safer to make games that have the widest possible appeal in near-casual genres. Market participants have less desire to look for whale players, which is becoming harder and harder to look for.

2. Combining ad tech with gaming companies. Transformation of ad networks from just partners to partners/competitors.

What will be the stake in the development of the company in 2022?

As I have already mentioned, we are planning to launch a new game in January (something unusual in the genre of time management). The metrics of the game are good, so let’s hope it will be a super hit.

We are planning to release a new hidden-object game in the spring. And for the rest, we are going to develop our games further: improve, analyze, deepen, etc.