With the results of Red Brix Wall, we complete our traditional cycle of ready-made results. In this publication, the company’s founder Fedor Zaitsev and partner Zakhar Serebryannikov share the successes of their young studio (for example, the growth of Global City indicators).

Fyodor Zaitsev and Zakhar SerebryannikovHow did 2021 go for the company?

Fedor and Zakhar: In 2020, together with MY.GAMES, we launched our flagship, Global City. In 2021, it has grown 3 times. Now our citybuilder has over 5 million installations around the world, more than 115 thousand players play it daily on various platforms, including Steam (users liked the project so much that we even released it on PC).

Today Global City is a large team of professionals, regular events, battle passes and new activities (players are constantly receiving new content).

Global City

Our other projects (Park Town and Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure) continue to keep the bar and delight users.

Among the important events in their lives: the release of the Battle Arena on the Odnoklassniki gaming platform and the launch of the Park Town visual update.

Park TownWhat event or trend of 2021 do you consider central within your niche?

Fedor: Mergers and acquisitions (as well as the growth in the number of new publishers and investment funds) indicate a sufficient amount of money in the market: profile and non-core partners are ready to invest in new potentially promising products and development teams, for which the struggle will continue to unfold in 2022.

Zakhar: Moreover, it is now advantageous for large holdings to have service companies in their portfolio, without which it is impossible to create unified product ecosystems. This tells us that the gaming market is reaching its maturity. As a result, there is high competition and a huge demand on the part of users for the quality of the product.

As for the trend for metaverses and NTF, they say that from now on any product (including gaming) becomes a set of assets: objects and subjects that communicate and interact with each other and the player.

What will be the stake in the development of the company in 2022?

Fedor and Zakhar: We spent 2021 on a detailed study of free niches and market analytics. We want to make games that are seriously different from competitors’ products. Now we are actively working on launching a new project.