CD Project RED and Fantasy Flight Games will release a board game based on the Witcher universe. An iPad port is also planned.

The Witcher Adventure Game is a separate game system from Witcher 1-3, in which the player becomes one of four heroes (a witcher, a bard, a sorceress or a dwarf). In the spirit of classic Dungeons & Dragons projects, the characters will have to fight monsters, draw cards, roll dice and complete quests. The Witcher Adventure Game universe is based on the books of the Polish science fiction writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

The disadvantage of board games is a large number of rules, chips, cards and modifiers. For those who find it difficult to keep track of these things, an iPad version of The Witcher Adventure Game is being developed. There is little information about the tablet port yet. The official website of the project says only that the game will be available in the near future.