Svyaznoy and Euroset presented reports for 2013 on the tablet market in Russia. The figures vary slightly, but the general trend is the same: the market is in the stage of active growth.

So, in 2013, it was sold on the market:

  • Svyaznoy: 7.2 million tablets worth 81.4 billion (in physical terms, the figures increased by 125%, in monetary terms – by 65%)
  • Euroset: 6.7 million tablets worth 78 billion (growth of 107% and 55%, respectively)

The main driver of the market was the fall in the average cost of the device. Relatively high-quality gadgets have appeared on the market for less than 2.5 thousand rubles from B-manufacturers, Svyaznoy employees claim in their report. 

Average receipt for the device in 2013:

  • Svyaznoy: 11,380 rubles (27% drop)
  • Euroset: 11,600 rubles (25% drop)

The activity of B-brands has significantly hit Apple’s positions. Now iOS tablets account for only 17% of the Russian market.

Source: EurosetMoreover, in 2013, the B-brand was firmly established in the TOP 3 sales leaders for the first time.

If in 2012 the top three looked like this – Samsung, Apple and Asus, then at the end of 2013, Prestigio came out in third place.

The distribution of shares in the Russian tablet market by manufacturers according to Euroset looks like this:

Source: Euroset

Sources: http://euroset.ruhttp://svyaznoy.ruAbout companies:

Svyaznoy is a Russian network of salons selling mobile devices.

According to the results of 2012, the company’s turnover amounted to more than 509 billion rubles. Euroset is a Russian network of salons selling mobile equipment.

The retailer’s share in the Russian market of cell phones and smartphones, according to the network itself, is about 30%. The company is represented by more than five thousand salons operating in about 1,500 cities and towns in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. More than 50 million customers visit the company’s salons every month.