Game writer Drew Karpyshyn has left the company Bioware. This is his second dismissal in the last 6 years. Karpishin explained his departure with a desire to work as a freelancer.

“There is no dark history here, I just want more freedom,” Drew Karpishin said.

Karpishin plans to cooperate with the new studio Fogbank Entertainment, owned by the game publisher FoxNext Games. Fogbank Entertainment opened on March 8 this year and intends to develop “high-quality interactive stories”.

Karpishin left Bioware for the first time in 2012. Three years later, he returned to the company and joined the work on the Star Wars MMO role: The Old Republic. His latest project at BioWare was the script for the upcoming multiplayer shooter Anthem.

Drew Karpishin joined the Bioware team in 2000. His career in the company began with work on the role-playing series Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. In 2003, Karpishin led the work on the script of the role-playing game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and in 2007 became the lead writer of the first part of Mass Effect.

In addition to working in the gaming industry, Drew Karpishin is known as the author of novels on “Star Wars” and other media franchises.

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