EA has been tormenting fans of the series for a long time, whose average age today is exactly thirty. Apart from one browser, the last original project under this brand was released back in 1999. Today their expectations came to an end. EA has released Ultima Forever.  

The project, as our colleague from Games Beat Dean Takahashi put it, is a reconstruction of the role-playing fantasy game Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, which the author of the series Richard Garriott created in 1985.

Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that Paul Barnett, CEO of the studio Mythic Entertainment, jokingly calls the release of the mobile version of Ultima Forever “the real madness.”

On the other hand, is a free cooperative role-playing game with original graphics and a Diablo–style action game what many mobile users dream of today?

The action of Ultima Forever, the passage of which will take from 200 to 400 hours, takes place in the world of Britannia, about 21 years after the events of Ultima IV. The world has been engulfed by the epidemic “Black Crying” spreading at a rapid rate (and you don’t ask us what it is). The player must find its source by going through a series of misadventures and restore order in the world. You can also create a huge number of characters and explore dungeons with other players. 

According to Barnett, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar was liked by Richard Garriott himself, who left EA more than a decade ago. Garriot is currently developing his new original role-playing game without getting permission to create a new version of Ultima.