Yesterday, King announced the release of a mobile version of its popular Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga. Now this adorable animal rescue puzzle game is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

This is King’s third project on mobile devices. And, perhaps, the second box office monster of a British company. Another thing is that we do not understand why yesterday King – right on the eve of the release of its new game – announced the rejection of advertising in its products (we will talk about this separately today). Do not give up on it, the company could quite easily merge direct traffic with Candy Crush using banners. 

Anyway, Pet Rescue Saga is one of King’s most popular social projects. On Facebook, the DAU of the game is 1 million, and the MAU is about 10 million. 

The game has both a difficult puzzle task and a cool story: players must save cute dogs, cats and birds from the dangers that lie in wait for them,” Riccardo Zacconi, one of the founders of King, said in a press release.

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