In the first fiscal quarter, 87% of sales were provided by Digit, and the most successful titles of the publishing house were GTA V and GTA Online.Take-Two has published a report for the first fiscal quarter, which ended in June this year.

Growth is noted in almost all indicators.

  • revenue for the reporting period increased by 54% and amounted to $831.3 million;the company’s profit amounted to $88.5 million, which is almost twice as much as last year’s figures for the same period.
  • The main drivers of growth were the success of titles such as GTA V and GTA Online, NBA 2K20, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

The company’s report also notes the high performance of Borderlands 3, Civilization VI and WWE series games.

The success of the above games from the Take-Two catalog is largely due to the growth of revenue from microtransactions and other in-game payments, as well as a jump in digital sales.

  • revenue from in-game purchases (microtransactions, DLC, virtual currency, etc.) increased by 52%;revenue from digital sales amounted to $762.2 million (an increase of 70% compared to last year’s figures);
  • in total, for the first financial quarter, “digit” brought 87% of the total revenue to the publishing house.
  • Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick commented on the company’s results, which significantly exceeded all expectations: “We are raising our forecast for fiscal year 2021, which could be another successful year for Take-Two.”

The publishing house also shared forecasts for the next quarter, which will end on September 30. The company expects revenue in the range of $750 to $800 million and a profit of $94-110 million.

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