About the imminent consumer crisis in Russia, the conflict between the “big” and “small” industries, the Indian mobile games market and the results of the latest Distimo study – in our traditional digest for last week. 

Euroset predicts a crisis”People have less money”: starting from the sales figures of mobile electronics, the head of Euroset, Alexander Malis, reports on the beginning of the consumer crisis in Russia.

Interview with Nika Entertainment”You are releasing a game on iOS.

The chance of being featured is less than beating the casino. After the release, you will get to the 600-700 place and are unlikely to get more than a couple hundred installations in a month,” – about the experience of switching from the social market to the mobile market in an interview with Nika Entertainment CEO Maxim Slobodyanuk.

King patents the word CandyThe authors of Candy Crush Saga have little leadership in most of the world’s box office tops, now they are going to patent the words “candy” and “saga”.

The wall of alienation between the “big” and “small” game industriesRead about the conflict between the two segments of the gaming industry in the post of the App2Top editor.

Exclusive: Mobile Gaming industry in IndiaEverything you need to know about the Indian mobile games market is in our exclusive material straight from PG Connect (you are waiting for answers to the questions how much games earn in India and how many people play in this country).

Mobile Games Forum 2014: Industry ChallengesAn article appeared on Gamezebo about how sad everything is in the mobile industry.

There are no surprises in it, but it describes the general situation far from optimistically.

10% of paid apps earn more than $1,250 a dayHaving carefully studied the recent Garter report, according to which by 2018 only 0.01% of mobile applications will be successful, the developers of the Kii platform told how to get into these hundredths of a percent.

How to evaluate the user experience?About the difficulties of evaluating, interpreting and collecting gaming experience – in the article by the chief analyst of Game Analytics Anders Drachen (Anders Drachen).

Distimo: Asia is responsible for 41% of profits from mobile appsAt the beginning of 2013, one of the most obvious trends was the growth of Asian markets.

Today, this is no longer a trend, but a given. Distimo told about the dynamics of Asian dragons over the past year.