The turnovers of the Russian and global mobile gaming markets; iOS 7 innovations that will affect developers; Distimo about the profitability of iOS and Google Play; App Annie about the highest-grossing mobile genres – read about all this in our digest.


1. WWDC and iOS 7

The main event of last Monday was the opening of WWDC, at which Apple presented not only an updated fleet of its PCs, but also iOS 7.

The main, but not the last, feature of it turned out to be a completely new design, which put an end to the skewomorphism of the company’s operating system. And everything would be fine, but only professional designers laugh at Apple’s acid minimalism, accusing its designers of unprofessionalism. However, fans of Quince believe that the updated design is a new stage in the development of the company, demonstrating that “there is still powder in the flasks.”

Against the background of the discussion of the controversial design, many passed by more radical – functional – changes to the system. About them here.

2. The turnover of the mobile market in Russia amounted to $99 million

Company The Group published a study according to which the total volume of the Russian gaming market in 2012 amounted to $ 1.35 billion. Of these, $99 million fell on the mobile segment. However, in terms of volumes, it is still far from even PC retail. But the growth rate is the fastest – 79% per year.

3. Newzoo about the global mobile market

Also, Newzoo was pleased with its forecast about the near future of the gaming market last Monday. According to their forecast, global revenue this year will be $70.4 billion, which is 6% higher than last year.


1. Distimo destroys the revenue myth on Google Play

Using the example of six applications, Distimo demonstrated that it is possible to earn good money from large companies not only on iOS, but also on Google Play. For example, Mobage on Blood Brothers has more from the official Android market, although its position on the App Store is also quite confident.

2. Intel develops its own UI

The news about Intel’s plans to enter the smartphone market with its own shell was surprisingly quiet. Either no one believes in this company, or the OS being demonstrated is still too raw. Perhaps both circumstances played a role.

3. Mobile support for console games

Of course, we couldn’t ignore E3 and the arrival of a new generation of games, so we presented a whole list of titles that support mobile devices. In fact, the games that will be released at the end of this year will be able to work in conjunction with smartphones and tablets.


On Wednesday we rested.


1. Demographics of Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga

In the search for the “philosopher’s stone”, Nezoo compared the audience of Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga. It turned out that the audience of the first, on average, is younger and more inclined to gaming experiments than Candy Crush fans.

2. Rovio has announced a new project

Quite unexpectedly, the Finns announced their plans to launch a new project under the Angry Birds brand.

3. App Annie talked about the highest-grossing mobile genres

According to the company’s forecasts, the number of mobile and portable devices used for games will grow to 1.2 billion by 2014.


1. Talking Friends has been downloaded over a billion times

The total number of downloads of the Talking Friends series of games on iOS and Android mobile platforms has reached 1 billion, according to developers from Outfit7.

2. The mobile version of Pet Rescue Saga has been released

King has released a mobile version of Pet Rescue Saga. It is quite possible that the company will have its own Hay Day.
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