Yesterday we wrote about a leaked photo of the official Logitech iPhone gamepad. Today, the first versions have appeared about what exactly was shown with its help at WWDC.

At the world developers conference held by Apple last week, the German studio Crytek, known for a series of technologically advanced console and PC shooters Crysis, demonstrated its new game for iOS – The Collectibles.

Crysis 3 is one of the most technologically advanced projects of the past springFor the Germans, this is not the first mobile project.

A year ago they released a beautiful arcade puzzle game Fibble. This time, however, Crytek decided to abandon casual ambitions, taking up a hardcore direction closer to them. The Collectibles is a “tactical action game” in which the user will take control of a squad of several fighters. 

The new Crytek project and its presentation at WWDCThis is the project, as they suggest on toucharcade, and they played with a Logitech gamepad.

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