After six years of development and three years of operation, Linden Lab decided to abandon the further development of Sansar, a UGC platform for virtual communication.

The company announced the sale of the game to San Francisco-based Wookey Project Corp. The press release assures that the transfer of the project to the new owner will not affect the players in any way.

Sansar was the second large-scale brainchild of Linden Lab, a famous platform for communication in the virtual world of Second Life (its developers have always disowned the term “game”). The VR-supporting “novelty” was supposed to be the development of ideas Second Life — with the ability to create your own models and worlds, arrange concerts and discussion platforms.

However, the project went into early access a year after the release of VRChat, similar in functionality, which did not close the widest niche. In addition, the project turned out to be raw.

As a result, in February of this year, after several years of trying to revive Sansar, Linden Lab announced that it was no longer going to support the game. Now the company will focus entirely on Second Life, whose release took place almost 17 years ago, in 2003.

What awaits Sansar in the hands of the new owner is unknown. However, there is something to work on. Users of the game still complain about optimization problems, and its rating on Steam is only 31%.

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