The announcement and release into closed beta of a new version of the game engine for the development of two—dimensional games GameMaker – Studio 2 took place.


The developers of the engine from the Scottish company YoYo Games pay attention to the four tools of GameMaker Studio 2.

Room Editor

Rooms are levels in the game that the developer builds by dragging objects. The engine also supports layering, the ability to create custom brushes from tiles, editing the properties of objects at once at the level.

Image Editor

GameMaker Studio 2 has its own analogue of Photoshop, which also allows you to quickly animate newly drawn sprites.


The engine also has an editor for game titles that allows you to animate them, make brushes out of them, and immediately collect levels.

New Drag and Drop functionality

The new version of GameMaker Studio 2 also has its own visual scripting tool (analogous to Blueprints from Unreal Engine 4).

GameMaker Studio 2 supports HTML5, UWP, PC, console and Android/iOS development.

YoYo Games has also published a short course on working with the engine. It can be found here.

GameMaker Studio 2 will be available to download for free, but you will have to pay for it to access the full functionality and release games. The PC development version will cost $99. In order to make a mobile game on the engine, you will have to pay $ 399 already.

Note that it is customary to treat the GameMaker engine lightly. He is even often called not an editor, but a game designer. However, such notable indie titles as Nuclear Throne, Gods Will Be Watching, Crashlands, Hyper Light Drifter, Death’s Gambit, Hotline Miami, Downwell were developed on it.

Source: YoYo Games