Swedish studio Starbreeze has opened a publishing division Starbreeze IndieLabs, focused on financing and publishing small projects.


The first game released by the company in a new quality will be the multi-platform PvP project AntiSphere from Croatian studios Lion Game Lion and Soap Interactive.

Starbreeze has signed a contract according to which it will invest $ 300 thousand in the game. The first money from sales will go to return on investment, then the Swedes will receive 30% of sales. The rights to the game will remain with the Croats.

Now Starbreeze is looking for new partners.

Starbreeze became famous as the developer of Enclave, The Chronicles of Riddick, The Darkness, The Payday series, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, and also as the publisher of Dead by Daylight.

A source: Starbreezegamesindustry.biz