It feels like it will never end: Today, GungHo once again announced that its project managed to recruit another million Japanese users in less than three weeks

To be precise, in 21 days. And this is the worst result since November 2012. Last October, the game scored its second million in 94 days. But Puzzle & Dragons has already “captured” the next million users in 19 days.

The second column is the number of registered users in the tens of thousands, the third column is the number of days it took to reach the next millionThe record speed for the project was the eighth million.

His company managed to recruit in just 12 days. After that, the growth rate began to decline. The 14th million role-playing match-3 scored in 20 days. 

It is quite possible that in the near future we will witness the rapid growth of the game’s audience in the United States. On June 24, the advertising of the game in the Finnish hit Clash of Clans will begin.